“Web cams or web cameras are an astonishing medium”

Shayne Thomson, principal of OzBeachCams, lived in Broome for many years. When he wasn’t surfing, the ex TV news cameraman ran a digital printing business there. But the waves lead him to his next enterpriseā€¦.

In 2002 Shayne first put BroomeCam in place so he could see what the surf was like instead of driving to Cable Beach each day! The location, directly outside Cable Beach’s Sand Bar & Grill Restaurant, gave him the perfect view of the beach. Roy Payne displayed his technical genius in helping Shayne set up the camera at the restaurant. The surf-aid developed quickly as more and more people logged onto www.BroomeCam.com.

What everyone loved was the unique opportunity with the web cam’s location to ‘put themselves into the picture’. They took up a position in front of the restaurant, they waved, they phoned home. There on the beach, live across the miles, their friends saw and heard them at Cable Beach, Broome. In the beginning, Shayne and Roy were ecstatic when 50 people a day would look at BroomeCam. The website now attracts up to 1000 visitors per day from all over the world and is filled with information, happenings, events, facebook page and a link to a Broome blog.

The restaurant had a change of ownership and name to Zanders at Cable Beach. The owner Xavier Kris has been a fantastic supporter of BroomeCam and appreciated the enjoyment his patrons had from the webcam.

“The benefit to local tourism is immeasurable. The ability for potential visitors to Broome to view Cable Beach prior to their visit and also prepare for the visit by using the website to research vacation ideas and activities is terrific”.

Xavier Kris – Zanders at Cable Beach

BroomeCam now has a Facebook page to keep you up todate with the happenings at the Cable Beach.