Promote your Business on currently receives between 800 and 1000 views a day, ensuring your advertising message has quality exposure to people that are often doing their research before choosing a holiday destination. A large percentage of visitors have already returned from their holidays and use the webcam to reminisce about experiences at this unique holiday destination.

Advertising Options -

There are 3 main advertising packages available on BroomeCam.

The first is the BANNER PACKAGE  This is a rotating banner on the right hand side
of the webcam image. The Advert will be displayed for 8 seconds then rotate to another
advertiser. The rotation is set to random which means every advertiser will have the
opportunity for their Ad to appear first when visitors view the website.
The cost for this position is $750 per year.

The second is the FEATURE PACKAGE will be a brief description of the business below
the webcam image. This will be linked to another page with more information about the
business. Links from here will go the businesses website and email address.
The cost for this is $550 per year.

The third type of advertising is the QUICKLINKS on the lefthand side of the home page.
This is a text link straight to the businesses website.
The cost for this is $250 per year.

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