Real Estate in Broome

The location of Broome has never been more desirable than it is today. With its idyllic lifestyle, Broome’s tropical climate, laidback ambiance, and stunning beaches, it’s little wonder an average of 230,000 people visit Broome every year with more and more making the big move to reside along its shores every year.

Established as a pearling port, the variety of industries building their futures in Broome has significantly grown to include tourism, agriculture, mining, aquaculture as well as oil and gas. It is therefore not just the unique appeal of Broome but the projected economic growth that is making the Broome real estate market more desirable.

Suburbs Within Broome

There are a number of different suburbs within Broome that have distinctive features to the areas they are located.

Sunset Park – Located close to Cable Beach and the Cable Beach Club and formerly the site of the Pearl Coast Zoo. Block sizes are approximately 1000sqm. Just next door is the Sunset Rise estate with lots starting at 500sqm.

.Cable Beach – As the name suggests, this area follows along the famous coastline of Cable Beach. Januburu, Six Seasons – Located at the southern end of Cable Beach. This relatively new estate accommodates around 345 lots

Old Broome
– Traditionally bound by Frederick, Herbert, Robert and Robinson Streets. Characterised by wide street verges, established gardens and Old Broome bungalows.

The Waterfront, Demco – A subdivision created on the old meat works site with some lots enjoying views over Roebuck Bay.
Roebuck Estate (within the suburb of Djugun) – A rather new subdivision built over the last 7 years, located just off the Broome Highway. Block sizes range from 500sqm to 800sqm. Part of Djugun, Blue Haze is an Industrial area located just outside the Broome Township.

Broome North – The newest subdivision in Broome, just north of Roebuck Estate.

4 Mile – A handful of lots exist on the fringe of town zoned special rural with minimum lot size 1 hectare.

12 Mile – Special rural area located 12 miles from town with some horticultural activity. Generally 2-4 hectares. Skuthorpe is a little further out with 15 ha lots and various horticulture operations.

Coconut Well – Coconut Well is an exclusive special rural area located 22km north of Broome along the famous Cable Beach. The land in the area was originally released some years ago as a horticultural area but now offers one of the few ocean front areas available near Broome. Some of the residents in the area enjoy mango plantations of up to 200 mango trees and a tidal lagoon fills during spring tides.

Industrial Areas – There are 3 industrial areas in Broome. The Port area caters for the heavy port and transport related industries, Blue haze is located adjacent to the entrance to town and The LIA light industrial area is located centrally and defined by Clementson, Pembroke, Port and Guy Streets.

Derby - Derby is also a growing market, just 2 hrs north of Broome on the edge of the King Sound. With a population of around 4,500 people most of its residents work for the either State or Commonwealth Departments. With its extensive growth, do not go past the Derby market.

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